субота, 05. октобар 2013.

This could be the clearest image yet of the Nexus 5

A forum post on MacRumors offers what could be the clearest glimpse yet of the next Nexus phone. Nearly a month after a Google employee appeared in a promotional video for Android Kit Kat holding what appeared to be a new Nexus, a single close-up image of a slate-gray phone has emerged. In response to questions from other posters, the author said the phone's back cover has a feel similar to the Nexus 7 and that its display is only "ok." Days after the Kit Kat video went up, an FCC filing from LG described a phone believed to be the next Nexus. Notably, the device that surfaced at the FCC supports LTE, which could make it the first unlocked, Google-sold Nexus phone to do so. (The Galaxy Nexus 4G, from 2011, was the first Nexus phone to support LTE.) It is 5.19 inches tall, has a 4.96-inch screen, and uses a 2,300mAh battery, according to the documents. Although it's impossible to say definitively whether the image is genuine, it doesn't bear the hallmarks of a Photoshop job and lines up quite well with what we have been expecting from the device. Assuming it's real, we should be hearing more about Google's next Nexus soon.

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